Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Singing in the Rain!

Here are just a few of my favorite pictures from our MC Auction last month. Before the auction started the boys were hanging outside helping people get from their car to the theatre because of the rain (we had our auction one week after all the flooding that took place around here). Most of the boys were down the block; however, Jordan (in the darker shirt) and Dan (blue shirt) were the two waiting at the front door. Since the there wasn't a streaming line of people waiting to get in the boys had some time on their hands.

They decided to create their own Singing in the Rain dance routine. Mind you, I don't know if either one of these two has actually seen the movie or not....

They were so hilarious, and all of us on the inside (where it was nice and toasty) just got a kick out of these two. Yes, while I was doing registration check-in my brain started working on a Singin' in the Rain scrapbook page. I even found some great looking rain drop crystals up at the scrapbook store that I will probably use!

Way to go guys for making what could have been a very cold and miserable evening into something that was fun and enjoyable to all! So who is Gene Kelly and who is Donald O'Connor?

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