Thursday, December 21, 2006

Braved the Mall

Yes, unbelievably on December 21.....four days before Christmas, we braved the mall. OMG...crazy (and we were only there for a couple of hours) was crowded, the lines inside the stores were insane, and there were just way toooo many people! Then we were ready to go, but Brandon (my oldest nephew) was taking too long shopping and made us wait. Finally, my sister and I just left them there (we took separate cars). Insane! This was after I WALKED to Target today with my nephew Josh. I had to buy presents for Mason from my Dad. Target wasn't actually too bad....I guess that is because I went at Noon....not too many people shopping at that time of day.

So I think I am done shopping. My sister and brother in law have more to do; however, I will gladly stay home with the kids while they go shopping! I'm not big on malls in general, then you add the Christmas rush and I really kicked turned off of shopping at the mall!


Anonymous said...

hello again!
you might say I'm a bit OC but i do my Christmas shopping as early as September. In the Philippines, the Christmas rush can get really crazy and I really don't want to buy something last minute for my family. not only don't i get what I really want for them, but I feel guilty afterwards for just settling on something just because it's convenient for me. so, i learned that when I shopped early for presents, not only was i able to budget wisely, I got everything i wanted for the people i love.

i hope your Christmas will be a very happy one! =D God bless!

Rachel Ann said...


I am JUST like you! I do all my shopping early as well, most of it done by the end of September, October at the latest. I happen to be visiting my sister and her family in California and they are not so we were there for them. I think I should have stayed home!

Have a wonderful day!