Sunday, December 10, 2006

Playing Hooky

Ok, it is one thing to play hooky from work or school, but I played hooky from church today! Ah...I haven't done this in months. But you know sometimes you just need to take a break. Really though the only reason I skipped is because I was so dog gone tired. I had to host a Christmas Party in the U-District (Seattle for you out-of-towners) for work last night. The party was supposed to be over at 11pm, and yeah, they didn't leave until almost Midnight. Luckily, I don't ever need to clean anything or tear anything down...but, I do have to wait for the client to leave! Then I had to drive home, singing at the top of my lungs, and praying that I would stay awake the whole way home.

It was a fun party! We had Game Show Mania...our MC, Brandon, played a game show with them and handed out prizes. Amazing some of the answers and some of the things people will do when they have a bit (or a lot) of alcohol in them!

It also seems weird to me to attend all these holiday parties for work, and never actually go to my own holiday party. So if anyone has a holiday party I can be invited to as a guest, I'd come! :) Merry Christmas!

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