Monday, December 18, 2006

New Blog Friends

There are thousands of blogs, just on blogspot; however, being a creature of habit I simply visit the blogs of my friends and those that I know through friends. Very rarely I will leave a comment on someone's page if something really strikes me. Is it fear that they will think I am forward in leaving comments that I don't leave them on stranger's blogs more often?

Well, today a nice lady Yette left me a wonderful comment under my Christmas Memories post. What a great way to start a friendship, even cross countries! So, Yette if you come back and read more, please leave more comments and let's strike up a friendship. I would love learning more about your Phillipino culture and your present living situation in Japan.

This has made me realize that life is short, yet we treat it as if we have all the time in the world. Isn't it better to cultivate friendships now instead of trying to cram everything in the last days of our lives? Go on, search the outer regions of blogspot and other blog posts, find someone that you might share a common interest with and start a conversation...who knows it might lead to knowing and having another friend in another country.

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Anonymous said...

hello again! it was nice reading all your posts. i rarely find nice blogs to read because most of them have a lot of angst but for the few that really interests me, i take the time to read and get to know the person through their many interesting posts. i find that we have a lot in common so i thought of dropping you a short message.

thanks for the comment in my blog! i am in japan visiting my hubby. in the philippines, he works for a japanese company and sometimes, they send their employees overseas for projects. my husband is currently on a project here in yokohama and will be here until the middle of next year. our sons and i are visiting him for 6 months (til feb 2007). i'm glad about that because i really hate being away from him.

i am not used to the climate here. since i come from a tropical country, this is the coldest weather i have experienced. my first autumn and winter experience, in fact. =D anyway, if you want to know more about me, you can take a peek at my blog:

thanks! take care and enjoy the holidays! =D