Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Iraq Study Book

I know that we all have our own opinions about President Bush and the war on Iraq. Especially since the execution of Saddam Hussein has been in the news a lot lately. I for one fully support all the decisions that President Bush has made (not that all have been smart) and I fully support that our military still is in Iraq fighting for our safety but also for the safety and freedom of the Iraqi people who are trying to have a sane life (if that is even possible). However, even though I fully support all of this I sometimes do not understand everything that is going on with the political ins and outs of Iraq. There is an Iraq Study Group Report that is available online through this site that allows you to purchase it in book form for a very reasonable amount (plus you can use Amazon certificates). The site selling the book is politically neutral, they are not trying to sell you on an idea or way of life, just simply to provide you with information. And as new Iraq info comes out they will have it for you.

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