Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Nothing Changes

I woke up this morning to Madalyne next to me, the dog sniffing around and a new cat jumping all over me (he almost ended up dead...sorry all you animal's just wrong to wake up to a cat running all over you scratching and stuff!). Maddy and Brittany both missed school due to lame reasons (seems like I've heard this before), and I cleaned the kitchen! I thought I was on vacation :).......hmmmm.....I think that they are definitely going to school tomorrow! They have been helping me clean around here and Maddy's excuse for not cleaning the window ledges is that she is leaving the washcloth on the ledge for the dirt to get onto it!!! Does she think that the dirt is going to clean itself? Actually, I think she does!

I haven't lived with them for a couple of years, and haven't seen them for at least a year and a half, but nothing changes!!!!

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