Sunday, December 10, 2006

Get Paid to Blog

Get paid to blog! Do you love to write? Then join payperpost where you get paid to blog. It's simple. They have a new affliate referral program, so if you are interested click the PPP badge on my sidebar and it will walk you through the sign up process. It's fast and it's super simple. All it takes is a few minutes each day. I started in October and have already made over $500. Come on, I'm sure you need extra spending money for something! Down payment on kid's new braces? Have your eye on a set of new golf clubs! How bout a night out on the town with your honey! Here you go, have at it! Plus, just think you'll be helping me out as well!!! They have a wonderful referral program in place, so every time someone signs up and uses my name (use: I get paid as well! Then you can do the same thing...get all your friends, family, perfect strangers, the lady down at the grocery store...anyone to sign and get paid! Right now this is going great for me as I am going to be gone for three weeks in February to SE this money is going to help pay bills while I'm gone.

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