Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Credit Cards

Almost everyone I know owns at least one credit card. Most families or individuals in America own two or more. Is this safe? Are we wise with our credit cards? Or do we spend outrageously without a thought of the consequences until our monthly bill comes in? Do you know that you spend more money in interest rates, which basically makes the product you bought inflated 300--500%? This is basic knowledge, but I know all this first hand. I wasn't very wise with credit cards when I was younger, and I am still paying for them over a decade later! It is my heart's desire to get all my credit card debt paid off...quickly!! There are quite a few credit cards that offer 0% balance transfers but be careful and read the small print. There are also places that offer credit card advice which might be great when reserching credit cards and paying on the ones you have! There are also sites for credit card news that would beneficial to read. In all of this I'm not saying that credit cards are bad and terrible, but we consumers need to learn how to use them properly and wisely!

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