Friday, December 29, 2006

Cranium Hullabaloo

If you have kids you have to buy this game! My niece got it for Christmas. It is called Hullabaloo, and it is made by Cranium....those crazy folks who make great educational games that are actually fun! This game is simply, yet the kids (and I) loved it....even the teenage girls joined in. It comes with various shapes and colors that are pads that go on the floor. There is a console type thing that tells you what shape, what color, what animal, etc to move to (you may have to swim to it, gallop, skip, put your nose on something, you never know what it is going to do!)...then when it yells "FREEZE" freeze and whoever is on the item that it says may have to do the crazy monkey dance if you win! I give this game four stars.

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