Sunday, December 17, 2006

PPP goes full Disclosure

So what does it mean that PPP (payperpost) goes full disclosure? Well, it means for those of us who post advertisements, otherwise known as blog advertising, through PPP we have to disclose that we are getting paid for writing that post. You either have to state within your post that you are getting paid for that writing, or you have to have some type of disclosure statement visible on your blog...which I do, you can see it to the right of my posts. What does this mean to us ppp bloggers? Not much really. Although I can see why people would want to disclose that they are getting paid. I mean some of the posts I've written are kinda out in left field....but I have totally enjoyed writing posts for PPP. I love the fact that I can write seemingly random posts, have fun doing it, and get paid for it. You should join the fun, just make sure you get started by adding a disclosure statement on your blog somewhere.

This post sponsored by (Yes, I am getting paid to type all these words!)

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