Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Online Games

Have you been good this year and sent out all your Christmas cards? You must not have, since I haven't received one from you yet! JK!!! Seriously, I have gotten so bad at sending Christmas cards the last few years. I used to be great....I would work for weeks creating and making my own, sending them out to all my friends and family, but then I got pooped out! Maybe I just got dispirited because of all the time and effort I put into it, and didn't see many cards come back to me! I know that isn't the reason we send cards though!

Now, I can send Christmas eCards, they aren't as personal, but they can be so much more fun!!! There is this site that offer Christmas eCards along with Christmas Online games...two for one fun! You can play all their Christmas online games, like the Greet Santa Game which requires you to grab presents from Santa and Frosty in order to win the level (but watch out for those sneaky penquins and teddy bears!). You can try a free 30-day trial, and a yearly membership is only $13.99. It allows you to send cards at scheduled times, so you can always be on time. Now, go get all your eCards sent out to friends and family.

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