Sunday, December 24, 2006

Rockstartup Video 3

As some of you know PPP (Payperpost)has a reality show video series out called Rockstartup. It is videos depicting the up and coming ways of starting a new small business. They have videos showing them moving into their new office digs...we all love doing that, don't we? They headed off to Las Vegas (sin city baby) for a PPP wedding, and I guess somethings that were supposed to stay in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas. They actually made their way onto the World Wide Web!

This is the video about them moving into their new offices. They have to worry about having phones, internet, furniture and everything. When I worked in Bellevue a few years ago, we moved offices and it sucked. And we didn't even move far, just two floors up. We were moving boxes and furniture for months...I think ours was more prolonged because we knew we weren't going far so we didn't work too hard at it. UGH!!!

Stay tuned for all the upcoming Rockstartup videos still to come. This post sponsored by (they rock and give away free money for blogging!)

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