Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Shopping with Auntie

We, or shall I say I, decided to go hit the after Christmas sales! I love hitting the stores the day after for Christmas decorations...you can get some great stuff for seriously cheap! So we started the day off with the bank and Supercuts for a hair for Mason...yeah, unfortunately they cut it kinda funky...my sister isn't too happy about it. I did ask her twice to do some more work on it...oh well, his hair grows fast.

Mind you we started at about Noon! After his haircut we went to Wendy's for lunch, then on to Target. We spent quite a while in Target...returned items that didn't work or didn't fit. Looked very carefully through their Christmas stuff, but I didn't see anything I absolutely HAD to have. I did pick up some initials gift tags to scrapbook with, but that's about it.

We then headed over to Best Buy to find a video game for Mason. He really wanted Thomas the Train, but we had to settle for Scooby Doo. By this time he was getting pretty cranky and mouthy! Well, then I had to go into Kohl's because Susana told me she bought my Christmas present from there.....she bought me the start of my own Christmas Village (Kris Kringle's Cafe....she is opening a coffee shop soon!). So I had to see if I could find anymore to the set. They had a ton, but I have a limit...so I bought the Hotel and some street signs. I may go back later this week and see what they have left.....maybe, maybe not (I do want some money to spend in Disneyland!).

When we walked up to the cash register he was awake, by the time I paid he was out cold! I guess that is what happens when you spend five hours shopping with Auntie the day after Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

So I don't know if this comment will get left or not, but here goes nothing!
Its ok, somehow our friendship will survive the fact that you don't like the funniest C-mas Movie ever created!!
Oh & I got the best thing after C-mas on sale. Fleece Sheets!! I wanted them last year & couldn't find them, but finally found them 50% off at Fred Meyers!! WhooHoo!! (I still spent $25 which is a lot to me, but you know!)
Oh & guess what? It snowed here last night!
It should be gone by this afternoon because its pouring rain, but it snowed!!!