Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mail Drops

Have you ever heard of a remailing service, or a mail drop? I hadn't heard these terms before, but once I read the website a little more I began to understand what they were talking about. Mail drops are simply places where you can rent a mail box and have your mail delivered to it (I in fact have this myself). Who might be in need of a mail drop? Anyone who travels a lot or is away from their home frequently would be a great candidate, because it helps protect your mail from being stolen while you are away. Or even being opened, read and put back. A business person has various reasons why a mail drop would be a good idea. There are some great advantages to having a mail drop as well: no ID is needed (mine must not be a real mail drop), they have an actual street address so packages may be sent to your mail drop, mail drops will also forward mail to any address that you give them and a variety of other services, while always maintaining privacy. There are currently 77 mail drops in the State of WA. I hope this information helps.

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Anonymous said...

Our company, based in Dublin, Ireland offer virtual office services in over 80 cities worldwide offering street addresses only for business/individuals. Services include mail receiving, mail forwarding/holding, global phone and fax numbers which can be diverted to your phone/fax or sent via email.