Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ted, Give me an HP....

....oh please, Ted!!! I really, really want a new digital camera an photo printer from HP. Why should Tamale get all the good stuff...send some my way!

So first of all, I am a major scrapbooker that funny enough doesn't have a digital camera. Go figure! If I had a digital camera with a new printer from HP I would be in scrapbooking heaven....just imagine the possibilities. I could take pictures of my nieces, nephews, sisters, friends, even complete strangers and then go home and print my picture right away! I love to take pictures of trees, houses, even rocks in the driveway...whatever works for scrapbooking. I can then print them for my scrapbooks....turning them into works of art for everyone to enjoy!

More importantly, the reason I could use a new digital camera soon is that I am going overseas to SE Asia.....Singapore, Borneo and Bangkok, Thailand. While there we are visiting orphans throughout Bangkok. I've used my regular camera before to take pictures; however, I don't get to see those pictures until I get home, go to Walmart, drop my pictures off, wait an hour and then pay big bucks for them....and then some of them don't even come out!! UGH! Do you know how annoying it is to get your pictures back and then see that someone is blurry because they were moving, or someone jumped into the picture and ruined it....annoying. The coolest thing would be to have a new digital camera so I can take pictures of those precious children and then show them what they look like. Now, I know I can't bring the printer with me and print pictures for them...but they get such a kick out of just seeing their face on the screen. Once they get over their initial shyness they start hamming it up for the camera...making funny faces, doing rabbit ears, and lots of hugging and smiling. What wonderful memories to take home with me! I love these children and it is so great to see a part of them come home with me.

So, no I don't have a wild crazy story to tell you that would intice you to give me a new digital camera with photo printer (from HP), but I can tell you that I would definitely put one to good use.

This post sponsored by HP.

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