Friday, December 29, 2006

Sproose Search Engine

When you go to a search engine and type in what you are searching for, do you ever wish you could rank the sites that come up in relevance to what you were searching for? That way it would be given more importance for you personally? I do! There are things that come up sometimes that seriously make me wonder why they were included!!! The Sproose home page is just the new site to help us give rankings to searches! You can give the sites rankings from 1 (which is poor) to 5 (which is great).....and you do the choosing! Don't you love the power of making and breaking something....ok ok that is a bit harsh, but it is good to help out! Every time a vote is cast for a site then that site moves up or down in the ranking system. Meaning if they were the second site that appeared and you gave it a poor rating it would move on down the line. I believe that this could highly useful for you in your personal searches.

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