Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sing! Sing! Sing!

I love to sing...I sing in the car, in the shower, just walking around (I seriously think life should be a musical...right Susana?), at church...pretty much everywhere? But do I Karaoke? I don't do the whole bar scene (at least not very often), and I've never done Karaoke in the bar, but man some of those people are brave and absolutely hilarious. Even though I haven't done Karaoke in the bar, I have bought a Karaoke machine for home. It would have been nice at the time to have a home Karaoke machine guide to help me chose the right machine to have. I did buy it at the time for the kids, but you know me! I did use it once or twice. Now, where is that microphone......
Home Karaoke Machine Guide

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Anonymous said...

hi again!

just sharing a little trivia...

While Karaoke is a Japanese word, Filipino inventor Roberto del Rosario is now the world's sole patent holder for a sing-along system, according to a Philippine court ruling. Del Rosario won an infringement case against Janito Corp., the Chinese firm which claimed to have invented the Miyata Karaoke. The court ruled that Janito Corp. manufactured a system identical or substantially similar to Del Rosario's invention. He developed the karaoke prototype in 1975 and started marketing it in 1978. The founder and president of the Inventors and Innovators Development Foundation, Del Rosario hailed the decision as a triumph for cash-strapped and unrecognized Filipino inventors who are often victimized by big business pirates.

Source: Filipinas Magazine, February 2000

Rachel Ann said...


Nice to see you again!

How interesting, I would never have guessed that it was invented by a Filipino inventor...I will have to store that info away for a rainy day....I am the queen of random trivia and that bit of info will come in handy someday!

Have a great day!