Saturday, December 16, 2006

Floods, Snow and Wind

Wow! We've had some interesting weather here in the NW within the last month. First it started with immense rain which caused flooding all over Western WA. I'm still seeing the effects of the floods as I drive around town. Some Christmas tree farms couldn't open this year as their farms were flooded....devastating for their business this year. Homes were washed away and people lost everything.

Then came a huge snowstorm a couple of weeks ago, which lasted a few days. This was just a pain in the neck. Schools, businesses....pretty much everything shut down for a few days. There was a Monday Night Seahawk game during this and it took people 5-6 hours to get home, IF they lived around here. There were some guys that game up from Portland, OR and it took them over 12 hours to get home! Ugh!!!

So the last couple of days we've had severe windstorms...which almost always means power outages. 1.5 million people between WA and OR lost power during the storm. We were one of the most fortunate as our little pocket of houses didn't lose power....everyone around us did, but we didn't!

If you were to ask my Grandpa Shorty about all the weird weather changes, he would tell you to brush up on your Bible reading. For it says in Revelation that the end times will bring different weather patterns and such!

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