Sunday, December 24, 2006

Medieval Dinner

"Good Evening, My Lady...My Lord. Princess!"

That is how we were greeted last night upon entering the famed Medieval Castle in Buena Vista, CA. We went for the famous dinner and show. It was fabulous. We had so much fun. You enter the castle and are given a colored crown which indicates which knight to root for...ours was Castilla Red...and our knight fought the valiant fight, but didn't end up winning the jousting match. He did win a lot of the competitions before the final fight, and every time he won a competition the King's daughter would give the knight's flowers they in turn threw them to cheering fans in the crowd. Well, I didn't get one, but Maddy did! I even had Mason standing on the table waving our flags, but to no flower for me.

We had a great dragon soup, garlic bread, baby dragon (tasted like chicken), a spare rib, a potato and dessert. No utensils...just a plate, a bowl, and a cup. We did play tourist and bought everyone drinks in collectible cups...I had a fantastic chardonnay in a gold chalice!

We had lots of fun cheering and simply having fun. If you get the chance to visit sometime then I highly recommend it. Susana...they just opened one in Atlanta this summer...we need to go!

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