Sunday, December 10, 2006

Resort Condo Vacations

As you know, I am ALL about lying around on a beach in some part of the world that offers warm weather (i.e. the sun actually shines at temperatures of 75 degrees and higher), warm water (ONLY the ocean works here), good food and drinks (Long Island Ice Tea), friendly locals (NOT the crazies hounding you on the beach to buy this or that), and GOOD DEALS!!!!

One of my favorite places to go is Disneyland or even better, Disneyworld! This website as great vacation resorts at awesome prices! How bout the Bahama Bay Resort in Disneyworld for $99 a night for their 2 or 3 bedroom units. Now people these aren't your basic hotels, these are condo resorts for hotel prices! Let's go to the Beach! They also have fantastic deals at the Sheraton-Westin Resorts which are great places to stay!

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