Thursday, December 28, 2006

Chicago Postie Patrol

HP and Payperpost do these little trips called postie patrols. They go to a city, get a PPP blogger and make them do something in order to win HP prizes (Ted, I'm still waiting to hear that I won an HP Digital Camera and Printer). This video is in Chicago, with Robyn N. She was sent on a photo and video scavenger hunt around Chicago in freezing cold weather....ugh...I might have complained some. I think my favorite parts were watching Ted (I believe that is was him) pull his pants off to show that he was wearing shorts...Robyn had to find someone in shorts...he helped her out! I also enjoyed watching Robyn try to make a snowangel in the ice....good try, and they gave her the points!

So, did she win? Yep...Congratulations Robyn for winning all those cool HP prizes. Ted...wouldn't you like to come to the Seattle area for a Postie Patrol? I guarantee you it won't be as cold as Chicago....but I can't guarantee anything else (we've been having weird weather lately).

Thanks HP for sponsoring these postie patrols and giving away all these cool prizes. Visit their site for digital photography review.

This post sponsored by HP


Anonymous said...

rachel, i have been meaning to ask: does the PPP only apply to US residents? just curious. thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

i think i need to wait 2 more months before my blog qualifies. but in case i do sign up, i'll surely use you as a reference. thanks so much, rachel!