Monday, December 18, 2006


Since I am leaving tomorrow, my family that I live with had Christmas tonight. Barb heard me say a couple of days ago that meatloaf sounded really good, so she was so kind and made meatloaf for dinner tonight. It was quite delicious!

We opened presents to each other tonight as well! Charlie and Barb got me a new fuzzy warm blankie....we spend many a night curled up in front of the TV watching Amazing Race, American Idol and Dancing with the my blankie will come in handy. They also got me the 2006 version of Ripley's Believe or Not book (I had been admiring it while we were shopping at Costco a while back!). It is simply a marvelous book for inputing so much more random trivia into my brain.....Greg Reich here I come!

Holly and Rodney were here as well....we have decided that we are practically sisters. It is always fun to hang out with them! They bought me Candyland (Yes! I knew she was buying it, as it is the Collectors game in a tin with the original board and pieces), Dirty Dancing and The Goonies. They bought themselves the DVD game of Amazing we played a few rounds. I won first, Holly won was fun!

All in all we had fun tonight! So now I'm off to bed to get a bit of sleep, before I am on the go, go, go tomorrow!

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