Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Please Pray

This woman and her two children were rescued yesterday in Oregon after being missing for over a week. Sadly, her husband who left the safety of their car two days ago to get help is still missing. We hear stories all the time on the news of stories like this, but do we take the time to pray for these families?

Lord, I ask that you would safely guide the husband home. That you would guide the rescue workers looking for him directly into his path. I pray the peace and comfort of God to be a blanket over his wife and their two small children. I pray that if they do not know you as Savior, that you would show them how mighty and loving a Father you are, and that they would turn to you in their time of need. Protect all those who are looking for this gentleman, and more importantly protect this father from the elements of nature. I pray that there would be a joyous reunion today between husband and wife, father and children. Thank you Lord, Amen!

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