Saturday, December 02, 2006

Free Home Valuation

Are you looking to sell your house? Or are you simply curious as to how much your home is appraised at? Maybe you'd like to know what the neighbors homes are worth!!! Now you can! You can get a free property appraisal to determine how much your home is, your neighbors home is or how much that house down in sunny California is worth (you know you want to move south in the winter time!). This is a great tool when you are thinking of selling your home. Or if you have just done remodeling, and want updated appraisals done! The data that this company pulls from is well over 70,000,000+ homes throughout all of the US. So if you have parents living out of state and are trying to help them get moved closer to you, this is a great way to see what properties are going for in their area without having a cross country trip (save that for vacation!). Not only do you get an appraisal, but you also can see integrated maps and views of the homes you are looking at!

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